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rpg_adverts's Journal

Rpg Adverts.
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This will be brief.
I made this community based on the problems of "fan rpg" advertisements being posted on a community that was meant for Table Top games, such as the D20 system, Rifts, D&D/AD&D, and other such games.

I made this community to help steer the ads away from that community and have em placed here.

Basically if you're running a fly by the seat of your pants RPG from a Movie/tv series/anime/video game/fanfic/story genra's then here's the place to advertize.

Rules are simple.

1) You have an LJ based, or greatest journal based free form RPG that needs more members, or are just helping a friend pimp it out. Make a post.

2) I just ask that you use reasonable sized pictures.
If they are too large, I ask for an LJ cut.

3) Please have respect for those of us with bad eye sight. SMALL FONT with your picture in your add is not a good thing. Please stick to a size 12 font. This way I can read it.

4)this is more of a guide line In order for your ads to be successful, and gain more members of interested parties it would be a good idea to join. This way people from various fandoms can get to know each other, and make their own contact lists and possibly work together to make each fandom rpg better for everyone as a whole.

5) Please refrain from multiple ads. Once a month from the same Fandom RPG is good enough.

We now allow moderate and tasteful Role play adds for MUDS, and within MMO'S.
Just be sure to supply the needed information people need to find you, be it via links to forums, or directions on how to get to the game you play within. That includes which servers, Be it US or EU. Naturally you would announce which games as well.

There you go, a central hub for advertising Free form lj/greatest journal RPG's of various fandoms. As well as MMO's, and MUDS.
As a side note, this also includes the Fly by the seat of your pants IRC RPG'S which a lot of people are familiar with.
So posts of that kind are welcome to.

Please enjoy your stay, and feel free to browse the ads.

-If you need to get in contact with the mod, simply email me. My address should be on the profile.

(Birth of community: July 4th, 2006)